Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School was established in 1999. STARS offers the residents of Moore County, and surrounding counties, educational options for elementary and middle school age students. The school adheres to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, but infuses this curriculum with arts integration in the classroom. STARS is a member of the A+ Network. The A+ philosophy is rooted in Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences - a theory with much support in the scientific and educational communities, developed through research into styles of learning and brain function that proves there are many different ways of learning, and many different ways of demonstrating what one has learned. The STARS staff trains with A+ Fellows throughout the year.

STARS believes all students learn in different ways, and as such, all students should be presented with as many different avenues for learning as possible.

Though it is only one measure of our success, our steadily improving end-of-grade test scores show that our approach is bearing much fruit in the lives of our students. Other measures of success would include the creation and display of exceptional visual artwork, creative collaboration on performance art pieces, and emerging self-confidence in students who are given more opportunities for understanding and more opportunities to demonstrate their understanding other than through traditional assessment measures.