About Us

Why STARS operates: We believe in pushing the boundaries of the way education has traditionally operated. Simply because an idea has not been proven is not a reason for an idea to be ignored. “Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.” Andre Malraux

How we accomplish our Why at STARS: We maintain a safe and organized school. We hire the best and brightest to work with our students. We empower students to be take ownership of their education. Every decision made at STARS will be made in the best interest of children, and be effective and reasonable.

The results: We offer a unique and quality education to our students.

Performing Arts

Students at STARS represent a high standard of excellence in the classroom and in the quality of their performances. Whether it is rehearsing for a performance, building a set, or taking advanced courses being a “student-artist” takes commitment and dedication. Students who attend STARS maximize their potential as artists, and are committed to excellence in the classroom. Along with demanding preparation and commitment to their chosen art, STARS students are committed to excellence in science, math, language, literature, and the humanities, as well as, developing themselves as a whole individual. STARS Charter empowers talented students to maximize their abilities to create superior artistic performances and to excel academically in the classroom.

Educational Philosophy

We believe that good teachers are the key to student learning. We put the utmost priority on hiring and developing great teachers who get results and create a positive and engaging learning environment. We believe that structure and safety that ensure students learn. Our curriculum in elementary and middle school will focus on building a strong foundation of basic skills to prepare our students for the rigors of our high school academic and performing arts program. Our high school program will be geared toward meeting the requirements for acceptance to all major universities. However, STARS does not intend to act merely as a college preparatory program. We strive to create well rounded, responsible, and confident individuals, with the performing arts and academics programs of STARS acting as motivating factors towards maximum student growth.